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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

New Pattern - Postman Butterfly

I've just put a new pattern into the shop - a stunning postman butterfly which can be found in Central and South America. There are several different sub-species which can be found in different areas. The striking colours on their wings are a warning to would-be predators that they are poisonous. Their caterpillars feed on passion flowers, as do those of various other species of butterflies and moths. The adults feed on pollen and can live for up to three months.
I worked my original design onto 32-count ivory fabric and at that scale it fits neatly into a 5-inch hoop. In time, I plan to add more butterflies to this collection but for now this is the first of my designs inspired by Victorian butterfly collections.
This reminds me, I have a set of butterfly patterns by one of my favourite designers Mary Hickmott which I must get round to stitching. I'm afraid it will have to wait a while yet though as I'm very busy preparing new things for the shop.
I hope you like the latest addition. Until next time, happy stitching!

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