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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

An October Wedding

Do you remember when I said I was working on a wedding sampler but I wasn't able to say too much? Well, even though the wedding isn't until Monday, the bride-to-be has already opened her presents so I can now show you what I made...
I went for a relatively simple design overall but with Celtic knot detail at each corner. This is the first time I've worked white thread onto white fabric. It was certainly a challenge and I'm glad I decided to do just the corners but I'm very happy with the result.
The central motif is a Claddagh - an Irish symbol made from three components: a heart for love, hands for friendship and a crown for loyalty.
Emma, the bride-to-be was so happy with it she cried! She sent Mum a message saying how she loved the personal nature of the gift.
I'm sure there have many more brides who have received beautiful handmade gifts this year from relatives and friends who have taken the time to create something special. Those of us who love embroidery are always happy to have an excuse to use our skills for such projects. My hands have been busy with a couple more smaller projects but I can't show you them just yet.
I'll reveal all in my next post.


Monday, 14 September 2015

New Blackwork Pattern - Durrow Celtic Knots

I'm very excited about my latest blackwork pattern. It is another version of my Durrow Celtic Knots design. I stitched the blackwork version of it a couple of years ago and I've been wanting to share the pattern with you for a really long time but I had some technical problems to overcome. I won't bore you with the details but after a bit of tweaking, I have now been able to put the pattern in the shop.

The pattern has the same layout as the cross stitch version but is worked entirely in back stitch (or Holbein stitch if your prefer.) 

At each corner is an area of beautiful and intricate blackwork. These sections can be used for smaller projects like greeting cards or coasters.

This is certainly not a pattern for the less patient stitcher but if you love blackwork and are looking for a challenge, then this is the perfect place to find it! Whenever I work large patterns, they remind me that not everything in life can be achieved instantly. It is no bad thing to have to wait a long time to finish something and in the case of this embroidery, it will certainly be worth the wait.

I have worked this pattern in traditional black but you should feel free to use whatever colours you like.

It is one of my plans to have more blackwork patterns on sale as it is a form of embroidery I really do love. Keep checking back as I have several more in the planning.

You can also find two cross stitch patterns based on this design from the Book of Durrow. You can find them all at

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Robins are for lfe, not just for Christmas!

Here we are in September again. It's almost a whole year since I rescued that poorly hedgehog* (wonder what it's up to now?)
I've been very busy for the last couple of weeks re-formatting all of my patterns and updating my shops with new versions. I've also built a brand new website. You can find links to both my shops and this blog as well as the two free patterns in my Payhip shop.
So, you're wondering what this all has to do with robins? Well, I've just added a brand new pattern to my collection...
This sweet little robin redbreast compliments my bullfinches. I have several more which will be available in the near future and others in the planning. (Did I mention I love birds?)These bird designs are really easy to stitch and I would have finished the robin in one afternoon had I not decided to change the shade of orange I was using. I was also distracted by Frodo and Sam making their way through the Dead Marshes in The Two Towers so you may well finish it sooner than I did!
Like the bullfinches, this robin has been designed to fit into a 4-inch hoop but he also makes a great motif for Christmas cards, should you want to get a head-start on making some of your own before things start to get really busy.
However, as the title  of this post implies, robins can be seen all year round so he is definitely not just for Christmas! To stitch him for yourself click here.
*To read about my hedgehog rescue, click here.